Happy Labor Day people 😁🙌

With @justinliv and @lacoste 🌉 #SailTheCity

#1dapperst #1dapperfam (at Brooklyn Bridge)

Missing LA - and this lady right here @lisadengler ❤️😘

#1dapperst #dapperinLA (at City of Angels)

Gahhh I’m in love with this collar!!!! @etonofsweden - chapeau. 👏🎩

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… And lots of ‘em 😬 happy Labor Day y’all 🙌

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Good luck!!

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I’m a crazy one

Love this @lovenailtree shirt 😁👍 Sunday-craziness y’all 😜

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Highway 1. 🐦 with @lisadengler ❤️

#dapperontheroad #1dapperst (at West Coast)

a clean slate

Light and summery suit combo up on the blog soon 😉

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